Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wicket: Variations

Of all the Comics Spain figures, Wicket is the only one to undergo an 'evolution' when it comes to his deco. The original figure, which is featured in the previous post, covers all the basics about the figure - but what most collectors don't know is that the characters deco was changed 3 times in order to make the figure screen accurate, based on his appearance in the cartoon. The original version shown below on the top left (and the previous post) sports oddly colored fur on his stomach, face, and hands / feet which is grey - he also has unrealistic bright pink eyes and mouth. The second version of the figure (top right) has a clear deco change, removing all the grey fur and coloring it tan.

This change wasn't enough, so Comics Spain decided to lighten the pink on the eyes and mouth, change the nose to brown, and lighten the fur to a beige (as seen in the figure on the bottom left). You'll also notice with this figure that it features the only paint error I've seen on a Wicket figure - the fur right above his nose wasn't painted. The final version (bottom right) is Comics Spains last attempt at the figures deco. They removed all the pink and used the same color that he was given for his 'hair' and inner ears. Tracking down all these variations took some time, but it helps to show the history of these figures and how often deco plays a role in their development.