Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Paploo: Paint Variant

I've yet to discuss any paint variants / errors for Paploo - but we now have images from several sources of a genuine variant that was painted at another workshop. The standard figure has tan / beige features, including the eyes, mouth, hands and feet - the variant has those same features painted in pink. Its interesting to note, that this other workshop also painted the necklaces solid grey, instead of giving them the correct black band.
Purely speculative, but its possible this same workshop is responsible for the variant Wicket with pink eyes and mouth, as its the same shade used on the Paploo variants, and they are paired in an image from an owner. The same may be true for the Kneesaa variant with the purple flower, seen paired here as well.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dulok Keychain: There Is Another

Originally thought to possibly be one of a kind, another Dulok keychain has surfaced at auction in Spain. The size of the figure would seem to preclude a sensible use for a keychain, yet here it is. Based on the excellent condition, it was likely never used as such. Interestingly, this version is molded in the brighter green rubber, compared to the original sample found in 2015.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Latara: Paint Error & Variant

The Comics Spain Latara will often have slight paint variations when it comes to the ears or feather, but you wont often find a figure with the stomach painted grey. This is the second sample we've seen, and its an error to boot. The necklace has also been painted over with grey paint.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wicket Key Ring: Found!

The arguably most popular Ewok, Wicket, has yet to have a key ring from the Comics Spain line surface - until now. An auction out of Japan is the first sample of the Wicket key ring I have seen to date. The asking price - over $1,000 USD. Comics Spain figures, as well as their key ring incarnations have never achieved such a sum that I am aware of. Considering Wicket is the main character of the series, this is surely not a one of a kind piece.

C-3PO: The Stories He Could Tell

I've seen some Comics Spain figures in bad condition over the years, but these C-3POs take the cake. Both mangled and mistreated, but they still found their way to auction! Its often difficult to find Comics Spain figures with a perfect paint application or lack of blemishes, but no need to settle for this condition.