Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kez-Iban Comparison

Many Star Wars collectors will have seen the Kenner version of this character which is rather large (nearly 5 inches in height), in fact its about an inch taller than the Comics Spain version. I enjoy owning both versions of this character, and its debatable which version sports the better likeness - but the Comics Spain version certainly has better paint deco and detailing. While the color of the skin tone is nearly identical in both figures, the Comics Spain version uses a larger and more realistic color palette. Take the bandoleer / satchel for example - the Kenner version is solid blue, while the Comics Spain version is painted green, includes his medallion, and looks like the version that appeared in the show. Comics Spain also painted the belt, included the white stripes on his arms, and made his boots a different color than his skirt.