Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'd like to switch to some familiar Star Wars droids and cover the Comics Spain PVC figure of R2-D2, from the Droids cartoon series. He was produced in 1986, and has no known variations, other than paint errors. He is marked "86 Lucas Film Ltd." on the back of one leg and "Comics Spain" on the back of the other. Compared to all the other Comics Spain Droids figures, he is easy to find (1/5 in rarity), in both the US and abroad. He shows up at auction rather often, but is usually mistaken for the Disney / Star Tours figure which is almost Identical.

I own another Comics Spain R2-D2 that shows an example of a paint error; since these were all hand painted, errors aren't all that rare. If you take a look at both figures, the errors may not be immediately obvious, but the droid on the right actually has 2 of them. The central panel on the error droid in painted silver all the way down, making 1 large box, when in fact it should be 2 separate silver boxes in the central panel, as seen in the figure on the left. The other errors are the panels right above the feet - the entire panel is painted silver, when the inner panel was only intended to be painted (as seen in the figure on the left). This is actually a nice error, because I think it looks better this way.