Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The next figure I'd like to cover is the Comics Spain PVC figure of the Dulok - he isn't a named character, and like the Kenner figure, he is a generic Dulok warrior (comparison picture below). He was produced in 1986, and has no known variations. Since these figures were hand painted, you can often find some differences in the application of the green paint on the ears and tail - and I have seen an error figure with paint on the top of its head. He is marked "1986 LFL Comics Spain" on the base of his club. This figure is often found damaged, especially if the previous owner was a child - I have seen figures missing the ears, tail, or even the top of the club. Compared to all the other Comics Spain Ewoks figures, he is increasingly difficult to find (5/5 in rarity), in both the US and abroad. Figures like the Dulok can occasionally be found in sets, but rarely come up at auction.