Friday, June 25, 2010


I'd like to change gears and cover the Comics Spain PVC figure of Kez-Iban, from the Droids cartoon series. He was produced in 1986, and has no known variations. I have seen a few Kez-Iban figures go up for auction that were missing the hair, but this is not a factory error, rather merely a damaged figure, which is something to watch for if collecting these figures. He is marked "1986 LFL Comics Spain" on the back of his skirt. Compared to all the other Comics Spain Droids figures, he is reasonably difficult to find (3/5 in rarity), in both the US and abroad. If you are able to find one, you will most likely find him in a set, but he does show up at auction once in awhile by himself.

Many Star Wars collectors will have seen the Kenner version of this character which is rather large (nearly 5 inches in height), in fact its about an inch taller than the Comics Spain version. As I discussed with the Kenner animated Logray figure, they weren't made in any exact scale. I enjoy owning both versions of this character, and its debatable which version sports the better likeness. As you can see in the comparison photo, my Kenner figure is unfortunately missing his bandoleer, but its easy to see the different way each sculptor went with this character.