Saturday, June 19, 2010


The next figure I'd like to cover is the Comics Spain PVC figure of Paploo, one of my favorites. He was produced in 1986, and has no known intentional variations - other than various paint errors on the blue feathers. Since these figures were hand painted, you can often find some differences in the application of the black paint on the feathers. He is marked "1986 LFL Comics Spain" on the back of his belt. Compared to all the other Comics Spain Ewok figures, he is increasingly difficult to find (5/5 in rarity), in both the US and abroad. I actually spent a few years trying to track one down and ended up getting one from Germany. Figures like Paploo can occasionally be found as singles in Europe, but I have only seen him in sets in the US - and finding a complete set for sale in the US is rather rare in itself.

To show the size difference between Paploo and the other Ewoks, here is a comparison photo with Teebo. As you can see, he is much taller - which puts them in scale to their cartoon appearances - Paploo being an older and larger Ewok. All of the smaller Ewoks are around 2 inches tall, while Paploo measures in at nearly 3 inches.